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You made it! Welcome to the December blogging system!

This is the first article in the site. You can always delete it and start your writing journey!

Some Useful Tips

Markdown & LaTeX & Code Highlighting

The December system support Markdown & LaTeX & Code Highlighting natively, so you don't need to install extra plugins. This is actually pretty cool.

You can go to the editing page of this article to see its Markdown source code.

Or you can go to this place to learn more about Markdown syntax.

A simple example of LaTeX:

(Of course you are able to use the inline math mode: !)

And for code highlighting, you can do:

print("Hello World!")

Abstract Divider

Use <!--more--> as abstract divider. When displayed on the home page, the content behind the abstract divider is hidden.

This will not be displayed on the home page.


The December system is using Gravatar as its avatar source.

Other Problems

If you have any additional questions, please check out the Github page of the December blogging system.

The End

Happy with your writing journey!