Nyan MIPS!

11 months ago

This is my first game written in Assembly (MIPS32 architecture).

Meow Meow Meow?

You can play this game by running it in MARS (MIPS Assembler and Runtime Simulator).

I will put the game code below.

This game needs bitmap display and keyboard simulator. Open them in Mars->Tools->Bitmap Display/Keyboard and Display MMIO Simulator.

Bitmap Display Settings:

  • Unit width: 4
  • Unit height: 4
  • Display width: 512
  • Display height: 256
  • Base address: 0x10008000 ($gp)

Remember to click the "Connect to MIPS" button to connect the bitmap display and the keyboard to the MIPS simulator.


  • Start menu:
    • w/s: move the cursor
    • d: select
  • Game:
    • w: jump
    • a: slow down
    • d: speed up
    • p: restart

Source code (the code is too long to be displayed directly in the article): [Download]

Decompress the zip file, you will see:

  • game.asm: the assembly code, open it with MARS and you will be able to play the game
  • assets: some game assets
  • img.py: an image converter, it can convert images to assembly arrays
  • music.py: an MIDI music file converter, it can convert .mid MIDI music files to assembly arrays

Have fun!